Monday, October 31, 2011

Such a Delinquent

Wow, I have become so lame with my blogging. I need to be doing this all the time! Like a couple times a month! If my friend Diana can do it, who has a 3 year old and 1 year old twins, I can do it too. I am over due for a lot, but hopefully I can get a few things in to slowly update. It's like a need a day with no Izzy (she's my trouble maker) to reorganize the house, deep clean it and update the family blog...enter Grandma!!! :)
OK, where to begin...So last update was announcing that Preston had arrived. Well, he will be 7 months on the 6th and is my chucky little gremlin man! He is so Roley poly, loves to growl and make noises with his mouth. He just started to say "Dada" (of course not knowing what he is really saying, but it still counts in our eyes), love to jump in his jumper, rolls all over the place (what else for a Roley poly to do?), loves to eat, and loves his mommy!

Our Izabella turned 2 in September and is our wild, independent little girl. She is talking up a storm, getting into everything, loves to make messes, loves to help clean and do the laundry, and is FINALLY off the bottle! Yes, she was addicted to bottles. Not so much where she had them all day long, but she felt she NEEDED one when it was time to sleep. She eats more now (go figure), loves rides in the stroller and be outside, and loves helping with "broder" (brother).
Some things that she says all the time are:
"huh"?- this is an all the time saying. Anytime you talk to her. No she's not deaf, she just has a weird habit of saying it and we have no idea where she even picked it up, because we don't say "huh".
"Cows eat grass. Cows nigh-night. NIGH-NIGHT COWS!"- She says this every time we go over Kirker Pass
"I poop!"-she says this whether she has or not or if she's talking about someone else.
"POOP"- she says this if we tell her not to touch something cause it's dirty or yucky.
"Pooping"- this is said when someone is in the bathroom or sometimes when she is actually do it.
Are you seeing a favorite word of hers yet? lol
"OHHHHH matter Brodher!?"- translation: Oh, what's the matter brother?!- said with real sympathy and concern when Preston is crying.
"I do it!!!!"- self explanatory, Ms. Independent just like her mommy was at her age...and now. lol
"toda!" -(soda)- thanks Papa.
"tookie"- cookie
"nack"- snack
"All done!"- with added hands up in the air for emphasis!
She knows when to say Please and Thank You. She can count to 10 and say all her ABC's, she's been able to do that since she was like 18 months. And she sings all kinds of songs!
She says a lot more than that and trys her hardest to say long sentences, but sometimes it comes out a little crazy.
She keeps me very busy, but she's a lot of fun!

Papa's glasses

Little miss curious got herself stuck on the sticky mouse trap. Good thing it was a sticky one.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Phone Pictures

Here are all the pictures that I have taken on my phone that I wasn't ever able to upload. So I figured I would just post them all in one post. They are in no order at all. In fact, somehow, they got all mixed up. So I will just put little captions for each one.

This is Izzy when she was born

Izzy again

Izzy with her kicks on!

Izzy's first ponytail

Me and Bud's engagement picture. (And I thought I was fat THEN!)

Izzy eating baby cereal

Happy Izzy!

Izzy. Sweet cheeks


Izzy with a bowl on her head

Bud and I

Son wanting to play in the bath with Izzy

Izzy the Elf

Ms. Diva

She got in there and thought she was stuck

Getting into Papa's DVD's

More DVD's

She just woke up

In the wagon at a toddler class

She still fits!

Little 80's girl for Halloween at her class

Getting ready for class on Halloween

She figured out how to climb onto the arm of the couch

"stuck" in yet, another basket

I'm a big girl now. Eating olives!

Reading books with mommy

Preston's first few pictures!

Hugging her elmo toy in the car. She was like this for the longest time.

making her own beats.

At the doctors office

nothing like playing in the pool with your clothes on

Bath time

She insisted on being pushed around in her doll stroller, all the time!

Loves her bath time

OK, this is where it totally jumps and is all over the timeline.

This picture cracks me up everytime I see it. Trying to take a cute brother and sister picture, might not happen for me for a while. It all happened a lot slower than it looks. But boy is it a priceless picture or what?!

We went to the ER cause Bud's back (kidney area) was hurting really bad. Turned out to just be a really cramped muscle.

Preston- our happy boy (this one is the most recent. Maybe like a week ago)

Izzy blowing kisses

Sibling love!

Brushing her teeth!

These are her new sock shoes! I LOVE THEM! I want a pair for myself!

This is what happens when you take her hair out of a pony. Crazy hair

2-3 minutes before taking this picture, his head was laying on the monkey head. Such a wiggle worm


His cool shades

This is the name of our new church. We got a little creative for the first sunday. He's the drummer

Happy boy

Daddy time

bath time

little boy in a pink bumbo

I straightend Izzy's hair. It was crazy weird.

Somebody got into my makeup! Now whenever she sees my makeup she says, "eyes, eyes"

Playing the drums with daddy at church during practice

tiniest little doctors gown I have ever seen!

He would not stop starring at the wall.

Happy boy!

Didn't know what to do with the phone in his face

Sister doesn't know what to do with a crying baby

rapid arm movements!

Preston's first day in the world. Sucking his thumb

Sucking his thumb again

Sweet boy

Sucking his thumb again

He still loves being held

so tiny in the Boppy

chubby cheeks

I hated that hospital bed!

His face is super chubby here. He doesn't even look like my baby here.

So precious

Meeting her brother for the first time. Her look was mostly because she was so tired. It took her just a few minutes and then she was saying, "baby! baby!"

Trying to drink out of a breadstick. lol

Waiting for popcorn to pop is like torture!

Just another day

My pregnancy footrub!

3 weeks till delivery

Finally got her to sit still for 5 minutes so I could wash the dishes

Where's waldo?

playing with lunch is so much more fun then eating it!

Son always had to be on or close to my belly at all times.

Eating with a fork. And so classy with the raised pinky!

yummy tortalini

trying to be romantic

finally found little brother/big sister shirts. Took forever!

Got her hair did!

Son likes to play in the car

she loves her music

Her first mini ice cream cone!

And this is such a great picture to end on. I don't think any caption is needed. lol